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Rachel Shepherd

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” -Audrey Hepburn

Growing up in a family of six nurses, it was inevitable that Rachel would end up in the medical field. As a young child, she began hearing many gory stories about life as a nurse. For a while, she wasn’t certain that this was the career she wanted to pursue. After seeing the way patients and their families would approach her mother in the grocery store and express their deepest gratitude for the care she had provided, Rachel knew that this was the purpose for which she had been created. As a freshman in high school, Rachel attended her first State Leadership Conference and knew that, one day, she wanted to be among those standing on stage. From that point forward, she worked toward reaching her goal, and on March 23, 2018, her dream became a reality. Coming from West Wilkes High School, and representing Northwestern North Carolina, Rachel became the 43rd North Carolina HOSA President. Rachel aspires to become a Physician’s Assistant and work in pediatrics, or emergency care. Through her internship at her local health department and her volunteer work at the Foothills Free Medical Clinic, Rachel has developed a passion to serve those in her community. She firmly believes that service is at the core of every successful HOSA member and chapter. Rachel plays volleyball and rides horses. She also enjoys playing the piano, spending time with her three dogs, and visiting new places. HOSA has provided her with the necessary leadership skills to become a valuable medical professional in her community. Rachel is excited to serve as your President and work this year with her fellow officers of the 2018-2019 NC HOSA Council!

Aditya Shetye

“How can the sky be the limit, if there are footprints on the moon?” – Logic.

From Raleigh, North Carolina, Aditya Shetye is excited to serve as your 2017-2018 North Carolina HOSA Vice President and your North Central Region Representative. Aditya is in his third year of HOSA and is eager to increase membership both at the regional and state level, engaging members with the service, leadership, and competitive aspects of HOSA. He was a state finalist in Forensic medicine in 2016 and placed second in Medical Innovation-Existing at the 2018 International Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas. Outside of HOSA, Aditya is active in several clubs and organizations, such as Red Cross club, National Honor Society, and the Boy Scouts of America-
in which he has earned the Eagle Scout rank. Currently a Senior at Wake Early College of Health and Sciences, Aditya plans on pursuing a career in Emergency medicine as a physician after attending a four-year university and majoring in biology. In his free time, Aditya enjoys
camping, playing soccer, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. He is eager to serve and network with the members of North Carolina HOSA in the coming year.

Kim Le

While Greensboro, NC is home to our State Leadership Conference, it’s also home for Kim Le who is attending Southern Guilford Academy as a senior. She is excited to serve as your Piedmont-Triad Representative! She has been an active HOSA member for three years, competing in Healthy Lifestyle and HOSA Bowl. With HOSA, she has been able to develop her leadership skills on the local and district level by serving as District 5’s treasurer, Southern Guilford’s vice-president and president this upcoming year. “Fear is temporary. Regret is forever.” Therefore, Kim wanted to take this opportunity to run for state officer to spread her passion for the healthcare industry and this organization. She intends to pursue a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) and go on a Pre-Medical pathway. She’s passionate about a holistic approach to medicine that focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of a patient. On top of CLS, Kim wants to minor in a foreign language in order to give everyone equal opportunities to quality healthcare. Outside of HOSA, Kim is an active volunteer for local nonprofits that help refugees and the underserved such as Habitat for Humanity, Urban Ministry and the New Arrivals Institute (NAI). In her free time, you can find Kim jamming with her ukulele or editing a new vlog. Kim is thrilled to represent her school and region at the state level!

Christa Bazemore

Picture this, on your first day of high school, you walk in to a class called “Health Team Relations”, the first thing your teacher begins to talk about is this club called “HOSA”. You are very confused as to why you would need to join a club on your first day of school. Now, flash forward 4 years, you have just graduated high school, and are reflecting on your involvement through the years. You begin to realize that joining that one club, on the very first day of high school, was the best decision you could have made to further your high school experience. The summary you just read, basically sums up Christa Bazemore’s experience with HOSA. Christa is from a small place called Gates County, North Carolina. She attended Gates County Senior High School, and the teacher that told her about HOSA on the first day of school, was Lisa Ward, R.N. Christa was a student under Mrs. Ward for 4 years and is now a Certified Nursing Assistant and an avid HOSA lover. She is currently attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pursuing a major in Exercise and Sports Science, with a minor is Coaching and Business. HOSA has been a key factor in helping her decide what to study. Christa competed in Sports Medicine at the secondary level for 4 years and loved every minute of it. She is very excited to continue her love of sports and medicine in the future. Christa’s ultimate career goal is to become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, where she can help young athletes heal to the best of their abilities. When she is not busy with HOSA and school work, Christa enjoys playing softball and volleyball, meeting new people, and organizing her life. She is ecstatic to be working with the rest of the Executive Council to improve North Carolina HOSA, and is looking forward to what the next year has in store!

Savanna Harwood

Savanna Harwood is currently a senior at North Buncombe High school, she is excited to serve as the NC HOSA as the 2018-19 Western Region Representative .Savanna has been an active HOSA member for three years she has served as a chapter vice president and secretary. Savanna has competed in Health career display boards and has placed at the district level. Outside of HOSA Savanna is a varsity cheerleader and works a part time job at Walmart. Once Savanna graduates high school she hopes to become a trauma surgeon and work with doctors without borders. Savanna is very grateful for the opportunity to serve as your NC HOSA representative and cannot wait to see HOSA grow and embrace all the opportunities received this year though HOSA.

Eyram Bossiade

Eyram Bossiade—a senior at South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte—is looking forward to serve as your Southwest Region Representative. Being with HOSA for the past four years has provided him with an opportunity to grow his health care passion and meet, as well as befriend, many people with the same interest. In his freshman year he competed in HOSA Bowl and attended HOSA’s first ILC in Nashville, Tennessee. The experience inspired him and his team to continue on and win fifth place at the 2017 ILC in Disney World Orlando, Florida. Eyram aspires to be a General Surgeon and intends to pursue a major in Biology to learn about life. He also wants to minor in Philosophy to learn about life’s many mysteries, and study the history of the development of health science. The 2018-2019 school year marks Eyram’s third year of being the head of the South Meck HOSA Blood Drive. Through forming connections with the Community Blood Center, the Blood Bank of Hawaii, and the Red Cross, HOSA has taught him about the importance of branching out and taking new, exciting paths. In preparing to hand off the reigns of the blood drive to his VP, he’s also learned about the value of passing on skills and opening doors to peers. He hopes that he can help NC HOSA members by inspiring them to pass on their own skills, and talents, on to others.

Kathryn Sears

From Swansboro, North Carolina, Kathryn Sears is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve NC HOSA’s Southeastern Region for the 2018-2019 school year. As a junior in high school and a third-year HOSA member, she is looking forward to taking her passion for HOSA even further as an NC HOSA State Officer. Being involved in HOSA has helped Kathryn strengthen her leadership skills and has taught her the meaning of true service. Before deciding she wanted to become a neonatal nurse, Kathryn could never quite determine what she wanted to do beyond high school. Yet one thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to help people. Since beginning her HOSA journey, she has been presented with many opportunities to do just that. Now, as a North Carolina HOSA State Officer, she is honored to have the opportunity to help people on an even larger scale. During her year as State Officer, Kathryn is looking forward to interacting with as many NC HOSA members as possible and seeing how NC HOSA members make the most out of this year’s theme, “Define your Purpose!” When Kathryn isn’t busy with school or HOSA, you can usually find her at the beach, where she enjoys spending most of her free time.

Andrea Burnett

Representing North Carolina HOSA as your new Northeast Region Representative is Andrea Burnett! A senior at Washington County High School, Burnett always have a dream to become one of the courageous members of the healthcare profession. Being surrounded by healthcare professionals as a child, Andrea’s love for healthcare grew tremendously over the years. Andrea became a HOSA member as a high school freshman and competed in Medical Math, placing fourth at the district level two years in a row. Burnett later competed in Job Seeking Skills in which she placed third at the District Leadership Conference and second at the 2018 State Leadership Conference. After high school, Andrea plans to receive her undergraduate degree in Public Health, following her Doctorate Degree in order to become a Public Health Professor. Andrea is thrilled and ready to serve her fellow HOSA members to the highest content, with hopes to increase NC HOSA’s membership.

Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson, currently a senior at Union Pines High School, is excited to serve NC HOSA as the 2018-19 Sandhills Region Representative. Megan has been an active member of HOSA for three years and has competed in Sports Medicine where she has placed at the district and state levels all three years. Over the course of three years, Megan has not only competed, she has also served as chapter president, district vice president, and received the Barbara James service award. Outside of HOSA, Megan is also a competitive shooter and a member of the track and field team. Once out of high school, Megan plans to become a doctor of physical therapy and eventually work with the military. Megan is very humbled to hold this position and looks forward to all that the 2018-19 school year will bring and all that NC HOSA will achieve.

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