International Leadership Conference


Dates: June 21-24, 2023

Registration Deadline: TBD

Registration Fee: $140/Person (tentative)

Location: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas

NC HOSA SLC 2023 Winner List

The winner list is color-coded to let advisors and competitors know what other competitors have decided regarding competing at ILC 2023.  The list will be updated as Intent Forms are received.


SLC 2023 Top 10 Winner List - color-coded

NC HOSA ILC 2023 Intent Form

Advisors - please complete the Intent Form so we know if your competitors want to compete at ILC 2023.

Deadline to complete intent form is TBD

NC HOSA ILC 2023 T-Shirt Order Form

Advisors - please complete the T-Shirt Order Form so we know the correct t-shirt sizes for your ILC 2023 attendees.

Deadline to complete t-shirt form is TBD

Past ILC Award Winners