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NC HOSA—Future Health Professionals is uniquely positioned to expand the “pipeline” to recruit, attract, engage and retain qualified young people (of all ages) to help resolve the critical health care shortage facing this nation.

Mobilizing the health care industry, including both public and private partners, is critical to the success of NC HOSA—Future Health Professionals.

Partners include but are not limited to:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Health Care Companies
  • Health Care Professional Associations
  • Health Related Publishers
  • Publicly Funded Health Care Organizations
  • Health Care Collaborations
  • Health Care Insurance Companies
  • Health Care Foundations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment Companies

NC HOSA—Future Health Professionals is willing to enter into public and private partnerships if they enhance the organization’s mission - to recruit, prepare and encourage young people to pursue a career in the health professions.  HOSA—Future Health Professionals methodology has proven effective in:

  • recruiting qualified young people to the health professions
  • preparing future health care providers
  • encouraging young people to stay in the health professions

Partnering with HOSA—Future Health Professionals

Opportunities exist for Health-Related Organizations and those who support educational programs to become involved with NC HOSA - Future Health Professionals.  HOSA's interests lie in working collaboratively with the Health Care Community and stakeholders.  The organization is committed to preparing future healthcare professionals – as health industry employees or customers.  In order to provide the right opportunities for HOSA members, HOSA needs to be in touch and in synch with the Health Care Community.

What Does a Company or Organization Have to Gain From Partnering with NC HOSA - Future Health Professionals?

Partners have access to tomorrow's healthcare professionals.  It's an opportunity to inform, contribute, and communicate to nearly 9,000 students, as well as almost 500 Health Science instructors and administrators from across the USA.

What Types of Partnership Opportunities are Available?

Many opportunities exist for partnering at the local, regional, and state levels.  Members are always eager to participate in community service activities and other activities that connect with the health industry outside the classroom.

Local Partnerships

  • Serve as a judge when HOSA competitive events are integrated into classroom instruction.
  • Serve as a guest speaker at a HOSA chapter meeting, dinner, or special event.
  • Invite HOSA members to help with a hospital open house, a special event at a senior center, or other organizational activity.
  • Sponsor a field trip for HOSA members to your facility.
  • Encourage and support HOSA member participation at regional, state, and international leadership conferences.

State Partnerships

Every state sponsors an annual State Leadership Conference in the spring, providing opportunities for industry partners to serve as:

  • Judges
  • Exhibitor
  • Educational Symposium/Workshop Presenter
  • Donors
  • Sponsors for State Leadership Conference Activities

State Leadership Conference expected attendance: 3,000 HOSA members

Touching the Future

Healthcare workforce shortages threaten access to health care.  It is the responsibility of the health care industry to invest in the future of healthcare by becoming actively involved in promoting the advantages of healthcare careers to today’s students.  HOSA provides ready access to those students and supports endless opportunities for partnerships that create long-term benefits for the healthcare community.   HOSA is fun, HOSA is focused, and HOSA is 100% healthcare.

A variety of partnership opportunities are described in the above links.