We make a difference. Many times as an organization, we forget how tremendous of an impact we have made! Personally, HOSA has helped to shape my future endeavors and encouraged me to work hard for what I want. I need to be persistent, dream big, and have hope! The same characteristics apply to HOSA. We need to be persistent in working for our goals, set our goals high by actively dreaming, and having hope in each other to make those dreams a reality.

The morale of HOSA should be fun and uplifting with a dash of competition. As members of this organization, we should feel comfortable speaking with other HOSA members as well as remembering we all have a common interest- healthcare! The duty of encouraging engagement should be a team effort. We are all responsible for what we bring to the table and how we are able to gain engagement from all members. I am active in the fight for engagement, are you?


Jenna McCullar

NC District 2 Representative